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The modular system of OR Division prefabricated walls creates, in the free space between

external wall and internal panel of the room, an hermetic shell which keeps the complete

isolation of the operating room from the other rooms of the operating block, thanks to the

seal of all the panel joints, including integrations of dedicated equipment.


The perimetral supporting structure is formed by vertical uprights in galvanized steel tubular

(on request in aluminium), perforated for an easy assembling and with buttonholes for

the passage. The length of vertical uprights is adapted to the height of the room. Laying

interaxis of the uprights is defined by the project according to the modular scheme. Uprights

are anchored in the upper and lower part by profiles obtained by galvanized steel plate

th.15/10, opportunely shaped; guides run along the perimeter and the lower ones have

holes to be fixed to the floor with the possibility to insert levelling plates.


The perfect hold between the panels and the false ceiling is guaranteed by the “multifunction

shell” perimetral upper profile, with an exclusive OR Division design, complete of suitable

gaskets. The superficial finishing of the shell is realized with a special painting with

antimicrobial powders at silver ions. An aluminium shell for the floor joint with an adequate

bending radius is applied also on the guide of the lower skirting of 100 mm height.All the

system O.R. Wall System permits to get particular advantages, for example:

An easy cleanliness and disinfection of the walls with excellent bacterium-static properties;

Possibility of additional adaptations, updating of the users ‘points, changes after

installation and maintenance without “stop-times” in the room;

Integrated insertion in the walls of the conditioning air passage way;

Excellent mechanical resistance to the accidental scrapings and bumps;

Excellent resistance to the acids and detergents and/or disinfectants;

Realization speed and certainty of the execution times;

Maintaining of the technical and aesthetic characteristics after long time;

Perimetral insertion for ceiling and floor of shell-joint systems for an extreme easy

cleanliness and hygiene of the complete operating room.

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