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The Alveus System panel is completely made in light alloy, with exclusive patent by Conf

Industries, it contains an ultralight alveolar “core” (honeycomb) between two metal sheets

1,2 mm thick in alloy EN AW-5754/UNI EN 573-3, particularly resistant to shocks and

scrapings. Every panel is properly bent with ribs and moldings on the edges for an easy

fixing to the main framework with screws, which are hidden by a nontoxic silicon gasket, in

order to close and seal every vertical fissure.The part on sight is painted with “antimicrobial”

epoxy powders with silver ions, that have a bacteriostatic function to inhibit the formation

and proliferation of bacteria.

UNIQUE ADVANTAGES of the ALVEUS system by OR Division

The exclusive technological innovation resulted in the researches of Conf Industries,

with the realization of panels in light alloy, included the “core”, allow the elimination

of all materials, which are less valuable and more problematic (like plasterboard, MDF,

polyurethane foam and so on…) that have always been used as an internal plugging.

All this to obtain cutting-edge advantages and performances:


Exceptional lightness (weight is almost a third compared to stainless steel and plasterboard)

allowing an easy maneuverability, installation and handling, even in case of maintenance



Easy pre- and post- installation manufacturing. Thanks to holes, millings, cuts and so on, it’s

easy to make changes or to add plugs or accessories also later on. The sandwich system

in alveolar aluminum is easy to wash with the most common utensils, it doesn’t create

disturbing dust that invades the operating room (like plasterboard) and allow the perfect

execution directly in the operating rooms (something difficult to achieve with stainless

steel, enameled steel or stratified HPL).