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The range of automatic doors for operating theaters, labs and radiology diagnostic rooms

presented with “Operating Room Division” has been developed thanks to the cooperation

of Conf Industries with a leader company in Italy for automatic access systems, with

thirty years’ experience in this sector. Following the requests of the market, this doors are

characterized by a certain technical importance and by a wide range of accessories:

Airtight automatic doors.

Hermetic automatic doors.

Sliding doors and double doors with manual system.

Every component of the door guarantee the maximum level of security during the opening

and the closing, as requested to all the staff that has to access the room without touching

the door. The stainless steel finishing enhances the design of the door, and for hospitals that

work with radiographic equipment there is also the possibility to furnish the door with lead

shielding, complete with x-ray proof glass.

Very silent.

Modern security systems.

Infrared sensors and barriers.

Coplanar windows.

Easy cleaning and maintenance.