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To complete the hospital division, the general catalogue of Conf Industries offers all the

technical equipment in stainless steel for the pre-operating room and for the logistic and

handling of the surgical sets as well as the technical equipment for the sterilization rooms.

All the products are completely made in stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304 (1.4301) with Scotch-

Brite finishing; completely welded with robotized TIG procedure on every junction to avoid

infiltration and deposit of dirt, to guarantee perfect hygiene and sanitation, without cutting

edges to guarantee also the safety of the users.

Surgical sinks with one to three stations with manual or electronic or knie-operated tap.

Shoe-holder trolleys for shoes sterilization.

Mayo tables, manual or with hydraulic pump with fixed or removable shelf .

Service carts with 2 or 3 fixed or removable shelves.

Service carts with recessed shelves and drawers.

Single or double steps with removable tops.

Single or double bowl stands.

Sac holders on wheels with oleodynamic elevation.

IV-Pole holders on wheels, with manual elevation.

Operating room table with 1 or 2 shelves and back hooks-holder structure.

Bridge Table height adjustable.

Stools and Saddles for surgeons with different types of elevation (with oleodynamic pump,

pneumatic or screw raising), complete with backrest and armrest, completely adjustable.

Surgical sinks with manual or electrical taps with different accessories.

Washing systems with ultrasound basins in line.

Pass-through cabinets for the distribution of sterile tools and pass-box equipped with an

electric interblocking system.

Hopper for the waste disposal with electrical interblock.

Packing tables, electrically height adjustable, complete with paper holders, cutter and all

other accessories.

Inspection tables with illuminated top.

Trolleys for the transport and the distribution of material, completely made in stainless steel

or light alloy.

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