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The technical wall for the operating theater allows the collection in a single place of the

biggest number of utilities, controls and technical modules by concentrating some of the

equipment, standardizing the dimensions and the disposition, and simplifying the installation,

and most importantly keeping in mind that a fast maintenance, cleaning and inspection is

always guaranteed.

The single technical modules are:

Stopwatch with independent or synchronized movement with switch and starter.

LED x-ray view box, with switch.

Electrical plugs with protection lid IP 55 and safety leakage breaker.

Panel for medical gas outlet.

Panel for general illumination control.

Dedicated System for sound diffusion.

Stainless steel modules AISI 304 with Scotch-Brite finishing or painted with antibacterial


Display cabinet with doors.

Cabinet for Catgut container with folding top.


Modules to contain ISO baskets.

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