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The sterile air diffuser with vertical flow with low turbulence has been developed to be used

in conditioning plants with controlled contamination when the air comes from the ceiling,

to create a constant protective flow on the working area, controlled with overpressure, and

controlled bacterial charge.

The air diffusers of Conf Industries are built for the distribution of air in the operating rooms

and in general, in all the medical rooms, that required filtrated air, (HEPA H 14 filters) and

controlled bacterial charge. This diffusers have the purpose of both filtrating the air and

distributing it evenly at a controlled speed, on a surface that needs to be protected with a

constant controlled flow and localized overpressure.

Using the air diffusers in Operating Room Division, it’s possible to reach the purity class

of the air ISO 4/5 according to the ISO Norm 14644-1. Operating Room Division by Conf

Industries offers a complete range of air diffuser systems, in order to satisfy every technical

and environmental requirement in the operating room:

• Filtering plafonds with protection against mechanical stress

• Watertight filtering plafonds

• Filtrating linear diffusers with angular diffusion

• Real laminar flow system for the diffusion and recirculation with a ceiling mounted

moto-ventilated fan unit (exclusive by “Operating Theater Division”)

• Stainless steel angle channels for air inlet

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