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“Operating Room” Division by Conf Industries adds digital technology and develops further

the traditional concept of operating theater; the digital operating theater can in fact satisfy

the current operative requests and becomes a flexible technological platform that can be

customized on the user’s needs, with clear advantages in efficiency, comfort and safety.

This methodological approach that involves Conf Industries from the first stages on,

through sharing of all the information and goals with the technical staff, allows the study,

development and production of perfectly integrated technical equipment, furniture and

finishing, so that the result are not only practical and reliable solutions but also designed

with care and with elements which form an inviting and functional environment.

The constant interaction and the information flow inside the whole team allow us to take

actions, even in the first stages, in order to make the esthetical level as important as the

functional one;

furthermore, through the dialogue with the involved hospital’s personal it is possible to

optimize the living conditions as well as the esthetical and functional characteristics of the